Attempt Information

So how does all this look?

Seeds of Peace Training Camp (13th to 16th of August)

  • Location: Seeds of Peace Camp, 183 Powhatan Rd, Otisfield, ME 04270
  • Requirements: Email to confirm attendance.
  • Camp is open to Seeds of Peace Alum, staff, friends and family. Team members from the Maine community will meet us at the Costello Sports Complex at 5:00am on the 17th of August.
  • *Room and Board are covered*

Official Attempt (17th to 18th of August)

  • Goal: To break the current Guinness World Record for the “Greatest distance on a kick/push scooter in 24 hours (team)”.
  • Time: 16am on August 17th to 6am on August 18 (24 hours)
  • Location: University of Southern Maine Field House (Costello Sports Complex)
  • Distance: The current record is 553km or 343miles and we will be scooting 550km or 347 miles.
  • Teams: There will be 25 members in total and they will be split into 5 teams of 5 people each.
  • Rounds: Each team of 5 person will be scooting for a designated amount of time, anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes and given those numbers each member of that 5 person will be sprinting anywhere from 5 to 40 (100 meter) sprints respectively per round.
  • Breaks: Depending on how long each team is scooting for, the break each team will get can range from 20 minutes to 2 hours and 40 minutes. For a more detailed explanation please watch this video.
  • Gear: We will be using the Razor A6 (which Razor was kind enough to provide us with for the attempt).
  • Requirments – So here is how the numbers for the ride break down: As a team of 25 we all must ride 100 meters in less than 15.4 seconds per person, one at a time in a relay like style. This distance has to be done 5600 times over 24 hours.

Celebration (19th of August)

  • Location: Seeds of Peace camp
  • Time: 09:00 am
  • Activities: Press Event with speeches, Photos with team, and community Potluck


  • Training: Each member is expected to practice the 100 meter sprints and maintain a 15.4 second sprint or less per 100 meters.
  • Spreading the word: Make sure to like our Facebook and Instagram page and tell your friends about Record attempt.