records are broken together

Whether it’s just Mike and Belik or a team of 25, what makes this machine work is the support we receive from companies, organizations and individuals who invest in W4W so that together we can inspire ourselves and each other to accomplish unthinkable achievements. 

This page is for anyone who would like to help us continue our journey. Below are some ways to contribute:


All our records involve long distances, high intensity and precision and therefore we use a verity of products along the way to make our journeys more efficient and sometimes even enjoyable. If you develop gear which you’d like to have tested or showcased on our media channels, be in touch. We are always looking for helpful advancing gear to push us towards our goals.

financial sponsorship

Those moments were we sit around a hot meal indoors, or are covered by warm linen, are some of our most memorable nights, especially when we know someone sponsored it.

Here’s the truth, almost every night we sleep in our tent and dine on ramen noodles. It’s not that we love it, we just gotta get shit done with what we have and we survivor. But know your contributions (whatever amount) make us smile and warm us up, inside and out. We really do appreciate and love sharing with you how we use your contribution.

Activities to showcase

We’re all about exploring new places, experiencing new traditions, flavors, customs. Look at our map and if you think of something we must check out, let us know! From fermented sheep testical tasting to skydiving with a manikini, were open to everything!

offer us a bed

Nothing like a warm blanket and a bedtime story! If our route takes us along your home and you’d like to host us, please let us know in the contact is form below.


Know of some potholes along our route? Feeling compelled to warm us about local superstitions? Or maybe you wanna make sure we enjoy the best camping location to capture the northern lights or sunrise?

This world record in Iceland is all about immersing ourselves with locals, so please, DONT HOLD BACK! Give us your advice!