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New Advisory Committee Member – Anam

Say hello to our new team member Anam, (Camper 2013, PS 2015)

Anam is a Pakistani seed who found a home within a foreign summer camp and a family bound beyond blood or borders. For Anam, Seeds of Peace was a time of self-growth, learning, and discovery, but also symbolized unconditional love, acceptance, and empathy. Deeply inspired by Seeds very own Wil Smith, Anam lives by his motto to “do whatever you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are”, and believes in never losing that momentum. Currently studying Political Science and International Development Studies at UCLA, Anam is deeply passionate about advocacy, development, human rights as well as international law. Anam is wheeling to honor Wil’s words and in support of Seeds of Peace and the impactful work it does.

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