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New Advisory Committee Member – Danish

Say hello to our new team member Danish, (camper 2015, PS in 2016)

Danish is a Pakistani Young man passionate to serve his community in every possible way; as a teacher, volunteer and founder of Act Youth Force. He is currently studying Economics and Political in his undergraduate from Pakistan. Danish loves to write and make videos to share his ideas with the people. He believes that Seeds of Peace showed him the world outside the box and the camp gave him courage to step out of it. He was a camper in 2015 and a PS in 2016 for the Cyprus Program. Right after coming back from Cyprus, he founded his organization, Act Youth Force which is working to revolutionize the meaning of Education. With his amazing skills of writing, making videos and generating content, he will be working as the Advising Committee member and contributing towards the bigger impact that Wheeling for the World will have on media.

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