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New Team Member – Rebecca (Becca) Gorman

Say hello to our new team member Becca, (Seeds Camper 2015 & PS 2016).

Becca (camper 2015, PS 2016) was the child constantly yelled at for treating her house like “her jungle gym.” At the age of 19, she competes as a heptathlete in the NCAA DIII Track and Field conference. Her proudest athletic achievement is becoming Seeds of Peace’s first, and then second, victor in the “Pit of Champions” tournament. Although Becca still humors her athletic frenzy, her impermeable energy has shifted towards her interest in peace-building and the Middle East. A current sophomore at Middlebury College, she is studying political science, psychology, Spanish, and Arabic. Becca is scootering in honor of her fellow American Delegate and Peer Support, William Steinberg (1999-2017). She hopes to help spread his light-hearted, caring, and thoughtful spirit throughout the world.

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