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New Team Member – KeJuan Smith

Say hello to our new team member KeJuan (Seeds Camper 2016-PS 2017).

My name is KeJuan Smith (Camper 2016-PS 2017) I am a competitive cyclist. I pretty much cycle everywhere. I love to get out, challenge myself, and tackle new things; whether that means trying to win a race or doing my best to go above and beyond academically. I feel very strongly about taking a stand for my  community and things I believe in such as: Social Equality, Equal Justice, etc. I’m a photographer and love taking pictures of things I find significant. I also have a passion for working with kids in many different contexts, especially cycling, and specifically, teaching them how to fix bikes at the local bike shop (Blackstone Bicycle Works). I firmly believe kids are the future and hold the famous saying ‘teach one to reach one’ close to my heart. What I unfortunately know is that the world is becoming a less hospitable place, both environmentally and culturally, so we all must work to be agents of change.

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