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New Team Member – Laila

Laila Al-Matrouk (camper 2017 second session) was born in Kuwait and lived there with her six siblings and parents until moving to Belfast, Maine in 2010. Laila has traveled almost all of her life with her family, from visiting landmarks and attractions to discovering cultures and learning about the traditions of different areas. When Laila was introduced to Seeds of Peace, she tried as hard as she could to become involved with the program, and successfully made it to camp for second session in 2017. Laila is the first Seed from her school and is pushing to get more Seeds from her area, encouraging people to join a life changing experience. Seeds of Peace has taught Laila how to truly listen to the people in her life and how powerful it can be, as well as the importance of unity and bringing all people together. Laila loves playing frisbee with her friends, swimming in the Belfast Bay, preaching Seeds of Peace to everyone and anyone (including her Uber drivers), as well as many more fun things. Laila is looking forward to hopefully breaking a world record…and is ready to take on the physical challenges.

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