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New Team Member – Marco

Say hello to our new team member, Marco (counselor in 2016, 2017 and is currently a counselor).

Hailing from planet Earth,

Marco Soulo is a sentient Being

constantly experimenting, learning, & sharing creation expressions to uplift, inspire, and provoke thought within fellow beings.

Marco is the Yang half of the eclectic duo Signature Soul. Along with Signature MiMi through their musical enlightenment, community cultivating adventures, and genuine passion to spread love, together they intend to raise the collective consciousness one Soul at a time…

They share original “peaces” of poetry & music that capture their experiences and shed light on their aspirations. They facilitate creative expression labs & writing workshops that encourage participants to find and use their Voice, especially for the greater good. They offer writing & performance feedback to aspiring artists and musicians interested in connecting deeper to their craft. They provide creative consulting to groups & organizations in need of inspiration and guidance. They host creative gatherings & work with local and global partners to host community enriching events. They advocate for youth & actively promote justice for marginalized and oppressed beings. And, they believe in sustaining an interdependent network of artistic activists, free-thinkers, & community connectors who are dedicated to making the world more creative and peace-full.

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