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New Team Member – Nawal Fatima Rai

Say hello to our new team member Nawal, (Seeds Camper 2015, PS 2017).

Nawal is a young Pakistani woman hoping to change the female narrative back at home and someday, around the world too. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in History from Pakistan and shares a love for peace building, poetry and an undying spirit for change. Seeds of Peace for her was never a mere summer camp, or even an NGO. Instead, it has always been a state of mind, or more accurately, an ideology that she believes in. Nawal was a camper in 2015, a PS in 2017, and now a proud team member for the Wheeling for World 2018. In a world that is synonymous to constant conflict and chaos, she wants to wheel for the martyrs of war and innocent people who lose their lives every day, that too in the name of peace.

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