the beginning

It all started thanks to a life mentor we both share. Bobbie Gottchak.

Over three summers at Seeds of Peace camp Belik and Bobbie bonded, the next three she bonded with Mike. At the end of the sixth it was clear that we had to meet so she made the introduction call. A month later, Belik picked Mike up at Tel Aviv’s train station.

It was a blind date that quickly formulated into a partnership of best friends trying to break World Records all over the place.

our goals

To seek a place of residence outside our comfort zones so that we are consistently challenged and growing.

To celebrate diversity and amplify stories we rarely hear of so that we can develop more empathy and understanding towards those different to us. 

To be in control of our life’s direction by attempting records that rely on movement, and depend on our steering.  

Belik Bio

A nomadic video producer, began his international travels at the age of 3 weeks, and hasn’t looked back since. With 65 countries under his belt, Belik places himself outside his comfort zone, where he grows most. During his military service he was given the mic as the logistics corp motivational speaker, and later enhanced his story telling skills during the prestigious New Story Leadership fellowship in Washington D.C.

Mike Bio

An AIMG certified Glacier and Alpine Trekking Guide, Guinness World Record holder and expedition athlete, currently living in Höfn, Iceland. Mike will be embarking on his 4th and 5th World Record’s in Iceland. He was also part of the first sea-kayaking expedition to cross the East Asian sea from Japan to South Korea in late 2014.His most notable memory was crossing Vatnajökull to Grímsvötn via snow-kite in May of 2019. 

the w4w collective

Here are our 29 W4W team members from 8 countries who have participated in previous World Record attempts.