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Razor Scooters’ Wheeling for the World Special Activity 


The first session of Seeds of Peace’s 26th summer has begun and everybody couldn’t be more excited! This excitement was given an extra boost once our 40 sponsored A6 Razor scooters rolled into camp on Monday morning. Razor have recognized the value and potential of partnering with us, and we are sure glad to have them along for the ride!

Recently, special activities began, a period where campers can pick an activity ranging from H2Woah (water skiing) to A Capella. This year one of the special activities is Wheeling For The World!

In W4W special activity campers do obstacle courses and other fun things that our Wheelers do outside of camp in order to train for the World Record attempt.

All are enjoying themselves on the scooters and are getting excited for the attempt, whether they be in Otisfield or not!

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