The Scooter

Take a look at that rusty old kick scooter in the corner – Now look back at your screen and let me answer your first question.

I know what you are thinking and the answer is…NO

Well kind of…First, if your scooter looks like the one below, you my friend, will need a new scooter.

If it looks anything like these, you will probably have to dust that baby off and clean the bearings because that will be your training scooter.

Now for the second question – Will this be easy?…No…although the training for this record is done on a kids kick-scooter, this will by no means be easy.

Go outside and try to ride 100 meters in less than 15.42 seconds. Now realize that we, as a team of 25, have to do that 5600 times over 24 hours. Thank God scooter technology has improved since the the days of the Razor scooter.

I present to you the “KickBike”. It’s a European racing scooter, and one of the fastest mass-produced scooters in the world. It features a 28″ front wheel and a 20″ rear wheel. The handlebars are low to keep the rider in the most aerodynamic position possible and the strides are very long. We will be using 4 of these scooters for the Record Attempt.