Wheeler Information

On Your Marks?

Okay, so you’ve sent in your bio, photo, you’re on the whatsapp team group and even got a scooter at hand. Now you’re wondering what ‘s the next step. Well Wheelers, you’re in luck!

Get Set.

Below you’ll find a range of content we’ve prepared that should answer (hopefully) all you q’s. Take a good click & look at each one. This website page will constantly be updated when we have new info for ya.

This will make communication with Wheelers easiest and concentrated. Genius!


The HOW & the WHAT

1) EXPECTATIONS – What is expected from every Wheeler –  Read this!

2) ONE PAGER – The basic info of the W4W attempt- Read, (you can download) & feel free to SHARE with your networks.


1) TIPS & TRICKS – First Kicks!- Watch vid


2) SPRINTING NUMBERS & DISTANCES EXPLANATION  – Want to know how many times you’ll be Wheeling? – Watch this!

3) SPRINTING STRATEGY – How will attempt look like? – Watch this!